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Speed Graphics and Steam 1958 Vol 1 by Ian Wilson
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The epic July safari by Rehor, Wood and Harwood will be presented in two parts.
Both volumes will be 192 page hardcovers. Volume I is now out. 

CN Trackside - Newfoundland with Bill Linley - by Bill Linley 

Bill invites you to join him for an all-color photographic and descriptive journey across the beautiful island of Newfoundland and experience the last 30 years of Canadian National’s historic railway: "We will ride on the famed CARIBOU, affectionately known to many as the “NEWFIE BULLET.” You will see stations, equipment and trains from coast to coast, as well as on the branchlines. The Grand Falls Central and Buchans lines are also included thanks to my friend, railroader Stan Smaill. It’s all here including a detailed history of the Newfoundland Railway from its origins to the last days of Terra Transport’s operation in September 1988. You will find employee timetables, a freight car synopsis, the story of dieselization, and a unit by unit all-time diesel roster. Rounding out the coverage we’ll see the ferry connections to Nova Scotia, the Coastal Service, and even the Roadcrusier service. Over 240 of my images with carefully researched, extended captions explain the many fascinating aspects of this unique and colourful narrow-gauge operation. 

"My book will be available from your favourite Morning Sun dealer. I know you will enjoy this memorable ride through Newfoundland’s railway heritage."


Canadian Trackside Guide 2019 

The 2019 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide® is the Bytown Railway Society’s 37th edition – contains 744 updated and expanded 5½” x 8½” pages current to February 1, 2019.

Edited by Earl Roberts & David Stremes

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian Railways

  • Locomotives of CN, CPR, VIA, plus Regionals and Industrials
  • Preserved equipment
  • Passenger cars
  • Urban rail transit
  • Cabooses
  • Non-revenue equipment
  • Radio frequencies
  • Passenger train schedules
  • Freight train numbers
  • Railway reporting marks
  • Detailed divisional maps and subdivision listings for all Canadian railways and their U.S. components, including station names, mileposts, detectors. siding lengths, locations of crossovers, wyes and more
  • Maps of major cities detailing rail lines
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