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Speed Graphics and Steam 1958 Vol 2 by Ian Wilson
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The epic July safari by Rehor, Wood and Harwood is being presented in two parts.
Both volumes are 192 page hardcovers. 






The First Spike by Steven Manders

This book is the history of a half dozen early railways in Kingston, Gananoque, Napanee, Sharbot Lake, and Brockville areas.
The early roads, tramways, stage coaches, street railways, shipping, mining, early telephone systems, logging industries, and historic canoe routes are also covered. The book is a tour guide as well.

It has 232 pages, 450 photos, 23 maps in full colour. Glossy hard cover.

Available at
Novel Idea book store, 156 Princess Street, Kingston
the Visitor Centre across from City Hall, Kingston
the Lennox & Addington Museum in Napanee
Trousdales in Sydenham

and on-line at: www.thefirstspikebook.com

$34.50 plus postage

Speed Graphics and Steam 1958 Vol 1 by Ian Wilson
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The epic July safari by Rehor, Wood and Harwood is presented in two parts.
Both volumes are 192 page hardcovers. Volume II is also out. 


Dining With Canadian Railways Volume 1 - Canadian Pacific Chinaware, by Will Smith 

This book documents more than 250 chinaware patterns - used not only in the CPR's dining cars, but also on its steamships, by its hotels, airline and restaurants.

Hardbound, 8.5" x 11" format. 248 pages in full colour, with more than 500 photos. $69.95 CAD

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Order on-line from the Credit Valley Railway Company.