Image Credit Abbreviations

AO Archives of Ontario
CIN Canadian Illustrated News
CPA  Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
FOFS Friends of the Freeman Station
HS historical society
ILN Illustrated London News
MSTC Museum of Science & Technology
MTLB Metro Toronto Library Board
NAC National Archives of Canada (now Library and Archives of Canada)
PL public library
TCA Toronto City Archives

AC Alison Cooper - AH Al Howlett - AHC Al Howlett Collection - AJ Andrew Jeanes - ALP  Andrea Percy - AMC Aubrey Mattingly Collection - AP Al Paterson - APC Al Paterson Collection (please credit Canadian Railroad Historical Association [CRHA] Archives, Fonds Paterson) - AWM A W Mooney - 

BDC Bob Dickson Collection - BH Basil Headford - BL Bill Linley - BLC Bud Laws Collection - BMcCI Barry McClelland - BnW Brian Westhouse - BnWC Brian Westhouse Collection - BS Bob Shaw - ByW Barry Westhouse

CHH Charlie Heels - CS Charles Stewart - CW Chip Walker

DvG - David Gibson - DG Don Grove - DH - Doug Hately - DMcF - Doug McFadgen - DO Doug Osborne - DS  Dave Spaulding - DSC Dave Shaw Collection - DT  Dennis Taylor 

EB Eugene Burles - EE  Edward Emery - EH Ed Helmich

FJP F J Petrie - 

GH - George Horner - GL Gerald Little - GMC Gary Mauthe Collection 

HB  Hubert Brooks - HC  Harold Culham - HJ Hugh Jordan - HL H. Lazier -

IW - Ian Wilson 

JAB Jim Brown - JB  Julian Bernard - JF  John Freyseng - JDK John Knowles - JDT John D. Thompson - JNS James N. Stanley - JP Jim Parker - JR  John Riddell - JRC John Riddell Collection - JRL - John R. Lee - JS Jim Shaughnessy - JSC John Spring Collection - JV John Vincent

KHC - Keith Hopkin Collection - KSC Keith Sirman Collection 

LA Len Appleyard - LB  Lloyd Baxter - LM Larry Murphy -

MPM Michael P McIlwaine

nd no date 

PBC Peter Bowers Collection - PC Peter Coates - PR Peter Reisiger
pnk photographer not known

RB Ralph Beaumont - RnB Ron Bouwhis - RBC Ralph Beaumont Collection - RC  Ray Corley - RGC Ross Gray Collection - RJS Bob Sandusky - RKC Raymond Kennedy Collection - RnB Ron Bouwhis - RTC Ross Taylor Collection 

SHC Steve Headford Collection - SMC - Sean Murphy Collection - SWC Steve Woolfrey Collection - 

TB Tony Bock - TBC Tony Bock Collection - TDTB - Two Divisions to Bluewater (Peter Bowers) - TEC Ted Ellis Collection - TW Ted Wickson 

VA Veronica Arnold -

WDT Bill Thompson - WF William Forder - WH William Hood - WL Wayne Lamb - WLC Wayne Lamb Collection - WMcI W McIntyre - WMW W MacLaren Wilson -

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