Railway Modelling

"Railway Modelling" has information for the beginner and the advanced modeller.

Basic information about the hobby is here:
1. Basic Model Railway Insights is just that - my view of the hobby but with information that wants to be helpful if you'd like to get into the hobby. At the same time, I am no guru, but I can look back on 50 years or more in the hobby and think about my shortcomings and my successes - and in the final analysis, remember it's supposed to be just a hobby to make you relax and let you express creativity. Along with the information on the page, there are some downloadable Basic Model Railroading leaflets that explain things from the very beginning.

2. More About N Scale discusses an option that is still on the fringe of the hobby, even though it has been around with commercial support since the 1970s.

Additional modelling ideas and concepts are
3. The Credible Model that discusses concepts that make a model believable,
4. The Prototype Modelling Ontario "Hall of Fame" that illustrates an emerging trend in the hobby in Canada, and
5. Superdetailing Ideas that are simple for any modeller at any stage to help bring interest and character to any layout.

Then there are pages on
6. Our Friends at the Shows, which is admittedly for hereabouts in southern Ontario;
           and likewise recognition of two iconic southern Ontario shows/displays:
7. The Great British Train Show
8. The Aberfoyle Jct. Model Railway.

Nowadays, I do get enquiries about disposing of model railways and railroadiana, so I have put together some thoughts and suggestions at 
9. Disposing of model railway and other train stuff

To conclude:
10. My own model N scale railway, the Eagle Lake & Northern
11. My Hornby-Dublo layouts - "Upper Enright" and "Nether Scrimshaw".  
This page also includes tips and suggestions how to get and keep these lovely vintage trains running.