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40 CNR   

1a. Railway) Stirrings in the Eastern Townships, by Carl Riff 
1b. Select Committee Report on Wooden Railways to the Ontario Government 1869
1c. Historical Outlines of Railways in SW Ontario by Pat Scrimgeour (UCRS Newsletter  #489 Jul 1990)
1d. CNR History in Toronto, Notes on Public Relations Dept., CNR 1954
1dd. A Short History of Railways in Toronto "All Aboard Toronto" by the Toronto Public Library 
1e. Canadian Railway Troops Summaries and Indexes LAC 
1f. The Silk Trains by Graham Chandler (the Beaver Jan Feb 2006) 

2. BIOGRAPHIES - Railway politicians, inventors, promoters, engineers, contractors, managers
(Resources - inter alia Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online: http://www.biographi.ca) and Wikipaedia)

Abbott Brothers by Brian Gilhuly (Branchline November-December 2018)
Bailey, John C.
Benedict, Roswell Gardinier
Booth, John Rudolphus
Bowes, John George
Brunel, Alfred
Brydges, Charles John
Capreol, Frederick Chase
Collier, William
Cox, George Albertus
Cumberland, Frederick
Fleming, Sir Sandford
Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch
Gooderham, George
Gooderham, William
Gooderham, William Sr. 
Gzowski, Sir Casimir Stanislaus
Harvie, John
Hays, Charles Melville
Hendrie, William
Hickson, Joseph
Hill, James Jerome
Hincks, Sir Francis
Hobson, Joseph
Holt, Herbert S.
Keefer, Samuel
Keefer, Thomas Coltrin 
Keefer Brothers by Brian Gilhuly (Branchline March-April 2018)
Laidlaw, George
Leonard, James W.
Macdonald, Sir John A  Part I
Macdonald, Sir John A. Part II
Macdougall, Allan
Mackenzie, Sir William 
MacNab, Sir Allan Napier
McCarthy, D'Alton
Molesworth, Thomas Nepean
Mowat, Sir Oliver
Ross, James 
Shanly, Francis
Shanly, Walter 
Shanly Brothers by Brian Gilhuly (Branchline July-August 2018)
Shedden, John
Slaughter, Edward
Smith, Donald Alexander
Stephen, George
Tully, Kivas
Tyler, Sir Henry
Van Horne, Sir William Cornelius
Weatherald, Thomas
Wragge, Edmund
Zimmerman, Samuel

3. Ontario Station Directory 1994 Robert J Hughes A to H
3. Ontario Station Directory 1994 Robert J Hughes I to Z
Standard (Country) Station Designs
3a. Early rural Ontario railway stations - A Vignette
3b. "Station by Station" Globe & Mail editorial June 18, 1982
3c. Toronto's Early and Union Stations by Omer Lavallée (CRHA News Report 1959)
3ca. Toronto's Victorian Railway Stations by Derek Boles. Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc. Boston MA. Railroad History No. 203
3d. Toronto's Union Station - the Toronto Terminal Railways Company 
3e. The Stations and Railways of Brantford, Ont. by Douglas N. W. Smith
3f. West Toronto CPR Farewell (UCRS Newsletter #399 January 1983)
3g. Disposition of the Huron County (Ontario) Stations (Huron History Notes 1993 Vol. XXIX)
3h. The Grand Trunk Railway Stations by David L. Jeanes (CRHA Canadian Rail # 514 Sep-Oct 2006)
3i. A Rapture from the Ashes of the St. Clair Station [Toronto, Ont.] by Marco & Robert Marcone (CRHA Canadian Rail #462 Jan-Feb 1998)
3j. A Summary of Hamilton, Ont. Radial Railways Stations and Sidings by Andrew Merrilees
3k. Stayner CNR, 125 years of service - by Peter Oehm (UCRS Mar-Apr 1979)
3l. Whitby GTR station, a new lease on life by Whitby Arts Inc. and George Horner (UCRS  Feb 71)
3m. Canada's train stations - destination oblivion or protection? by Gavin Murphy (Canadian Heritage  Aug-Sep1985)
3n Camp Borden, Passenger trains at: by Jack Knowles UCRS Newsletter April 1991
3o Camp Borden in 1944 by William Hood UCRS Newsletter July 1991

Also consult
CPR - Stations - Designating Numbers 1924
CNR - Stations - Designating Numbers 1924-1927
Railway Stations and Distances - by Jim Fergusson

4a. Railway Gauges in Ontario   PDF
4b. The Rise and Fall of the Provincial Gauge by Omer Lavallée (CRHA Canadian Rail #141 Feb 1963)
4ba. List of 5'6" gauge railways in Canada, with dates of construction/conversion/abandonment by Omer Lavallée ex 4b.
4c. Referred to the Committee (The Provincial Gauge) by S.S. (Sandy) Worthen (CRHA Canadian Rail #292 May 1976)
4d. The Stephensons and the Standard Gauge by Jay Underwood (CRHA Canadian Rail #489 Jul Aug 2002)
4e. Narrow Gauge Railways in Canada by Omer Lavallée (CRHA News Report #130 February 1962)
4f. The True Story of the Provincial Gauge by Brian Gilhuly (BRS Branchline May/June 2017)
4g. Break of Gauge at Prescott Junction by Colin Churcher (BRS Branchline June 2003)


6a. Morse Telegraph Codes, courtesy the Morse Telegraph Club.
6b. Glossary of Railway Terms, with input from Don Grove and Art Clowes.
6c. Glossary of Bridge, Culvert and Trestle Terms, by Art Clowes. For more detail and examples, consult Hamilton's Other Railway.
6d. Whyte Classification of Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangements, courtesy Lindsay & District Model Railroaders. 
6e. Protocols Interlockings and Diamond Crossings, by Art Clowes (UCRS Newsletter #458 December 1987)
6f. Order Boards, Train Orders and Clearance Forms by Don Grove.
6g. Railway Telegraph and Telephone by Robert G. Burnet (CRHA Canadian Rail #425 Nov Dec 1991)
7. ACCIDENTS, Summary - Canadian Railways
7a. Baptiste (Jeannette’s) Creek (GWR) 1854
7b. Desjardins Canal (GWR) 1857 by Fred Angus (CRHA Canadian Rail #490 Sep-Oct 2002)
7c. Beloeil, Quebec (GTR) 1864  (CRHA Canadian Rail #156 June 1964)
7d. Penny Wreck (ICR) 1897 by Art Clowes (UCRS Rail & Transit January 1997)
7e. Engineer Hutchinson who stayed at his post ...(GTR) 1898 by Fred Angus (CRHA Canadian Rail #499 Mar Apr 2004)
7f. The Explosion at Essex, Ont. (MCR) 1907 (CRHA Windsor-Essex Division Semaphore April 1976)
7g. The Horseshoe Wreck at Caledon, Ont. (GTR) 1907 by Ralph Beaumont and James Filby (from The Great Horseshoe Wreck, BMP, Erin, Ont.)
7h. The Christmas Night Wreck at Dundas, Ont. (CNR) 1934 by Archie Douglas  (UCRS Newsletter #422 December 1984)
7i. The Galt Wreck 1956, by R. L. Kennedy
7i. Hinton, Alberta Wreck Judicial Enquiry (CNR) 1986 by S.S. (Sandy) Worthen (UCRS #448 February 1987)
7k. CPR Galt fatal wreck 1956 by Paul Langan



Alford Jct. (Ont.) by Rick Mannen (UCRS Newsletter #493 November 1990)
Anticosti Island Railway, by Keith Pratt (UCRS Newsletter #450 April 1987 and Doug Brown UCRS #453 July 1987)
Belt Line (Toronto) by John H. Walker (UCRS July 1970)
Canada & Gulf Terminal Railway by Fred Angus (CRHA Canadian Rail #157 July-Aug 1964)
Central Railway of Canada by Colin J. Churcher, Chris Hall, Dennis Peters and Doug Stoltz, Branchline (BRS) Nov-Dec 2015
Champlain & St. Lawrence RR

Essex Terminal Railway (CRHA Canadian Rail #490 Sep-Oct 2002)
European & North American Railway by C. Warren Anderson and R. Ian Stronach (CRHA Canadian Rail # 206 Jan 1969)
European & North American Railway by Herb MacDonald (CRHA Canadian Rail # 497 Nov Dec 2003)
Frederiction Branch Railway by C. Warren Anderson (CRHA Canadian Rail #215 November 1969)
Island Pond Memorial by S. S. (Sandy) Worthen (UCRS Newsletter #448 February 1987)
Lake Erie & Detroit River  Railway by Jack Lombard and Friends (CRHA Canadian Rail #241 February 1972)
Levis & Kennebec Railway, by Carl Riff
Massawippi Valley Railway and its lease to the Connecticut & Passumpsic Rivers RR, by Carl Riff
Rouse's Point Gateway by S.S. (Sandy) Worthen (CRHA Canadian Rail #199 May 1968)
Montreal & Lachine Rail Road by Robert G. Bales (CRHA Canadian Rail #177 May 1966)
Montreal, Portland & Boston Railway and the "Hibbard Road" by Norma Whitcomb Young (CRHA Canadian Rail #497 Nov Dec 2003)
New Brunswick Railway by Herb MacDonald (CRHA Canadian Rail #497 Nov Dec 2003)
Ontario West Shore Railway by Art Clowes (UCRS Newsletter #513, July 1992) and Huron Historical Notes 1993 Vol. XXIX
Orford Mountain Railway by Omer Lavallée (CRHA Canadian Rail #166 May 1965) and R.R. Brown (CRHA repr. #159 Oct 1964)
Pictou Branch by R. C. Tibbets (CRHA Canadian Rail #205 December 1968)
Prairie Dog Central by Mary F. Layton (UCRS Jan-Feb 1979)
Preston & Berlin Railway by Art Clowes (UCRS Rail & Transit March 1996)
St. Andrews & Quebec Railway by C. Warren Anderson (CRHA Canadian Rail #193 November 1967)
St. Lawrence & Atlantic and Atlantic & St. Lawrence Rys by John Carbonneau and S. S. (Sandy) Worthen (CRHA Can'dian Rail #261 Oct. 73) 
Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships & Kennebec Railway and the Quebec experiment with wooden railways, by Carl Riff
Thousand Islands Railway by Andrew Merrilees
Yorkville Loop Line Railway by R. F. Corley

11. National Transcontinental Railway 
11a.  The National Transcontinental Railway by Ron W. Layton (UCRS Jan-Feb 1979)

12. Newfoundland Railway
12a. Narrow Gauge Way Out East by Tiv Wilkins (CRHA Canadian Rail #190 July-August 1967)
12b. The Unusual Railway That Does by S.S. (Sandy) Worthen (CRHA Canadian Rail #214 October 1969)
12c. The Death of the Newfie Bullet by Douglas E. Stoltz (CRHA Canadian Rail #214 October 1969)

13. Quebec Central Railway by Carl Riff - for additional information go to Carl Riff's Railway History Diaries

14. Intercolonial Railway
14a. Halifax to Quebec Railway Improved Bridge from Starvation to Plenty. London UK 1850 (Courtesy "Dianne")
14b. Intercolonial Railway Report by Sandford Fleming CE to the Minister of Works and Premier. 1876.
14c. Intercolonial Railway by Jay Underwood (CRHA Canadian Rail #483 Jul Aug 2001)
14d. The Myth of Sandford Fleming by Jay Underwood (CRHA Canadian Rail #483 Jul Aug 2001)

15. Pacific Great Eastern Railway
15a. The PGE by Peter Cox (CRHA Canadian Rail #158 September 1964)
15b. The PGE Extension by C. Willis Creighton (CRHA Canadian Rail #248 September 1972)

16. PEI Railways
16a. PEI Railways Dual Gauge Days by Art Clowes (UCRS #490 August 1990)

17. Canada Southern Railway
17a. Conrail in Canada by Kenneth A. W. Gansel (CRHA Canadian Rail #328 May 1979)

18. The Cobourg & Peterborough Railway
18a. Cobourg's pioneer railways by Ted Rafuse
18b. The Blairton Mine by S.S. (Sandy) Worthen and Ray Corley (UCRS Newsletter #408, Oct 1983)
18c. Railroads in the Peterborough Area from 1850 by J. H. Turner Occasional Paper #3 published by the Peterborough Historical Society, 1982.
18d. The Rice Lake Bridge by George Parker 2018

19. The Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway by Omer Lavallée (CRHA Canadian Rail #156 June 1964)
19a. Canada Atlantic, Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound, Ottawa & NY Railways Your Forests MNR Ont. 1978

20. The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada

21. The Northern Railway of Canada Group - A webpage summary      PDF
21a. "Four Whistles To Wood Up" by Dr. Frank N. Walker, UCRS, Inc. Toronto, Ont. 1953.
21aa. Railway Connections to the Muskoka Steamers, by Gordon C. Shaw (UCRS Newsletter #450 April 1987)
21b. "The Northern Railway of Canada Diary" by Carl Riff, Hamilton, Ont. 2013.
21bb. Northern Railway of Canada system - Notes by Art Clowes 
21c. "Ontario, Simcoe & Huron Railway" [sic] by Robert R. Brown, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Bulletin No. 85, 1952.
21d. The North Grey Railway  

22. The Great Western Railway 
22a. Wabash RR (Canada, also known as the GWR Air Line) MAPS (With files from Art Clowes)

  • These maps were prepared by the GTR on its assumption of the "Air Line" in 1882.
  • Any references to "lines bordered green" are not replicated as these were lost in the original negative scan.
  • Some junctions, sidings, crossings, flagstops may not have been included below. Please check with me.  

Fort Erie Bridgeburg Niagara Falls 
Allanburg Jct. Port Robinson Welland Stevensville Marshville Moulton Darling Road
Canfield Jct. Cayuga Nelles Corners Jarvis Renton Simcoe Nixon 
Delhi Courtland Tilsonburg Corinth Aylmer New Sarum 
St. Thomas Paynes Baird's Lawrence Thames River Ekfrid 
Glencoe Newbury Bothwell Thamesville Ferguson's Siding Lewisville
Chatham Prairie Siding Jennette's Creek Stoney Point Belle River Puce Tecumseh Walkerville

22aa. The Great Western Railway 1851 prospectus (courtesy "Dianne")
22b. Hamilton Irish Navvies and the Building of the GWR 1851-1852 by Joachim Brouwer
22ba. Harrisburg, Canada's first railway junction by Joachim Brouwer (Branchline July-August 2018)
22c. The Wellington, Grey & Bruce Railway
22ca. One Hundred Years of the Palmerston Footbridge by Mark Harris (Bytown Railway Society Branchline Nov 2012)
22d. London, Huron & Bruce Railway
22da. London, Huron & Bruce Railway (Huron History Notes 1993 Vol. XXIX)

23 The Midland Railway Group
23a. The Midland Railway of Canada Group of Companies 
23aa. Iron Roads by R.F. Corley, Peterborough Centennial Celebrations 1967, U of T Press, Toronto
23ab. Railroads in the Peterborough Area from 1850 by J. H. Turner Occasional Paper #3 published by the Peterborough Historical Society, 1982.
23ac. Tully's, Doube's and the "Missing Link"
23ad. Victoria County Railway History
23ae. Peterborough County Railway History
23af. A Brief Lindsay (Ont.) Railway History
23ag. Lindsay area Rail Trails and abandoned rights-of-way
23ah. Lindsay's five railway stations - a brief summary
23ai. Victoria Junction (Lindsay) History
23aj. The End of Passenger Service on the Midland UCRS Feb 1962 by R. F. Corley

23b. The Port Hope, Lindsay & Beaverton Railway
23ba. Omemee, Ont. - a brief Railway History 

23c. The Whitby, Port Perry & Lindsay Railway
23ca. Port Whitby & Port Perry Railway by Brian Winter (UCRS Dec 1971)
23cb The Nip and Tuck by Paul Arculus 2018

23d. The Victoria Railway
23da. Kinmount Station
23db. The Donald, Ont. Chemical Plant
23dc. Haliburton Station


23f. The Grand Junction Railway

23g. The Toronto & Nipissing Railway
23ga. The Toronto & Nipissing Railway agency stations
23gaa. Raven Lake Cement Plant (The Land  Between, Vernon LeCraw) 
23gb. Coboconk Station

24. The Hamilton & North Western Railway
24a. The Hamilton & Lake Erie Railway
24aa. Statutes Special and General H&LE
24b. H&NW, H&LE, N&NW newspaper clippings, sourced by Charles Cooper
24c. The South Simcoe Railway by John D. Thompson (Branchline Jul-Aug 1991)  p 14
24da. Statutes H&NW Orders in Council Agreements with other companies
24db. Statutes H&NW 
25. The Port Dover & Lake Huron, Stratford & Huron, Georgian Bay & Wellington, and the Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay & Lake Erie Railways

26. The Welland Railway - by Rob Hughes

27. The Buffalo & Lake Huron Railway
27a. The Centenary of the Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Ry by Dr. Frank N. Walker, UCRS Bull'n 39, Jan 1954, repeated in Newsletter Jul-Aug 1975.

28. Toronto Beltline

29. The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada and its Locomotives pp 12 to 191
Bulletin 147 reproduced by kind permission of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.
Copyright  1982 by the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.
Boston, Massachussetts 02103. ISSN 0090-7847. For personal use only; distribution or publication for commercial purposes is prohibited.

30 CPR AND FAMILY (Note: for the Canadian Pacific Historical Association Library, consulthttp://www.cptracks.ca/cpsig/index.html )
30. The Canadian Pacific Railway - A Chronology
30a. CPR Across The Great Divide by H. W. Elson (CRHA Canadian Rail #250 November 1972)
30b. CPR's Big Hill by John Moseley (UCRS Newsletter #505 November 1991)
30c. History of the CPR logo
30d. CP Rail considers electrification (UCRS Feb 1971)
30e. CPR Toronto to Vancouver Diary 1986 by Jim Albery
30f.  A History of the CPR for students CPR Communications and Public Affairs 

31. The Dominion Atlantic Railway by Glenn Wallis (CRHA Canadian Rail #234 July 1971)

32.  The Ontario & Quebec Railway
32a. Report on the Preliminary Examination of the Ontario & Quebec Railway 1872 by George A. Keefer (courtesy Wayne Lamb)
32b. Physical Characteristics and General Information Glen Tay to Havelock (courtesy James Lundy)
32c. Physical Characteristics and General Information Havelock to Sherring (courtesy James Lundy)
32d. The CPR in Victoria County

33. Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway
33a. Dismantling between Bolton and Melville 1933 (Canadian Railway and Marine World)

34. Credit Valley Railway
34a. Credit Valley Memories by Alfred Price (CRHA Canadian Rail #156 June 1964) 

35 Other CPR-affiliated railways
35a.  Lindsay, Bobcaygeon & Pontypool Railway by Ray Corley (UCRS Sep 1963)
35b. The Guelph Junction Railway
35c. The Guelph & Goderich Railway

40 CNR
40.  Canadian National Railways - A Genesis
40a. CN Toronto Yard CN undated - rotate to view as required

48 The CNR retires #6218 (UCRS July 1971)

50a. The Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa Railway
50aa. Fond Farewell to the IB&O by Omer Lavallée (CRHA News Report #110 April 1960)
50b. The Bay of Quinte Railway by M. D. Leduc (CRHA Canadian Rail #172 December 1965)

55a. The Hamilton, Ont. Street and Radial Railways by Andrew Merrilees (UCRS Newsletter [Sixty Years Without Interurbans] # 503 Sep 1991)
55b. Toronto Eastern Railway by Raymond F. Corley (UCRS Newsletter #493 November 1990)
55c. Windsor Essex Lake Shore Railway by John A Mclean (UCRS Newsletter #395 September 1982)
55d. Ontario West Shore Railway
55da. Ontario West Shore (Electric) Railway by Art Clowes (UCRS Newsletter #513 July 1992) and Huron Historical Notes 1993 Vol. XXIX
55e. Toronto Suburban Railway (UCRS Newsletter #381, August 1981)
55f. The Witt Era (TTC) by Larry Partridge UCRS (Sep-Oct 1979)

61. Forty Years of Upper Canada Railway Society Fan Trips by Bob Sandusky and Dave Spaulding (UCRS Newsletter #404 Jun 1983)
61a. Excursion 125th anniversary of the Northern Railway of Canada by Ron Layton (UCRS Sep-Oct 1979)

62. Postage Stamps in Canada by Fred Angus (CRHA Canadian Rail #206 October 1969)
62a. Generic Railway Stamps by Hugues Bonin (Kingston Rail  #70 Nov-Dec 97)
62b. 150th Anniversary UK Railways, Railway Magazine, August 1975.

63. Province of Ontario 1880 County Atlases 

64. "I Remember" by Herbert Stitt. An autobiography of a CPR locomotive engineer. (McBain Publications Inc. Kitchener, Ont. 1983) Courtesy Paul Langan in obtaining  permission to make available in PDF format. Note: For personal use only; distribution or publication for commercial purposes is prohibited.

65. Preserved Equipment
65a. Ontario Roster of Preserved Equipment by location - Colin Churcher 2018

71 The Case for High Speed Railways (HSR) "Off the Rails" by Monte Paulsen The Walrus 06 2009
72 Moving at Railway Speed - Lessons from the Technology Hype Cycle (the 1845 Railway Bubble) Mawer Research Report
73  A Short Summary of High Performance Rail (HPR) All Aboard St. Marys
74 TTC Report - Scarboro LRT v Subway
75 Farewell to Steam - the dieselization of CNR motive power 1960 Richard Brown, the Government Archives Division
76 Firemen's Strike at the CPR 1957 Peter Delottinville, The Archivist, the Government Manuscript Division

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